Friday, 14 March 2008

The Jesus Way - Compassion

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were harassed and helpless.” Everyday our lives intersect with people who smile, look like they have it altogether and you end up feeling that everyone has their stuff sorted but me. We sit down with people in work, in school, at the hairdressers and fall into the trap thinking he/she is fine when maybe just maybe the person next to you andthe people you intersect with daily are longing to be fully alive and you can be that help.

When Jesus looks at humanity he doesn't see a bunch of can-do individuals who, if they just had the proper attitude and a little more positive thinking, they could turn their obstacles into stepping stones. Jesus sees people who he regards as helpless, people flat on their faces, the very opposite of the can-do, self-help culture we live in.

Jesus is not merely sentimental, he’s compassionate. He works to rescue people and his compassion issues forth in a call for us to take responsibility and change the way we think. One of the sad realities of the Church and her theology is that we have taken all our best thinking, and Gods purpose's and placed them in a season where we have no responsibility and can take no action. That place is called eternity, which is a priceless gift for all who are born of the Spirit and become the children of God but if all we do is do nothing in the in between, then we have failed a generation or maybe generations and missed the heart of God.

Jesus’ commission to us is to demonstrate His compassion. Every time we preach the kingdom or demonstrate the kingdom, we’re bringing some of Jesus’ compassion into the world. And who is it that Jesus sends off on this great mission? Ordinary people. We need to renew our minds to prove His good and perfect will (Rom 12:2). What is His will? Jesus on the request of his disciples to know how to pray said "Your Kingdom come your will be done on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.

Can the reality of heaven come crashing into our world?