Sunday, 8 March 2009


First full day in Lucknow, North India. This morning we (Brian Cummings) and I headed to one of the Good Shepherd Churches which is part of the OM organisation. We were meeting on the roof of a school.

Yet again I'm amazed and humbled at the peoples hunger to gather together as the Church, to sing and worship without a Redman, Thomlin or Young, they pray like the Acts 4 prayer meeting (I'm guessing never attended the Acts 4 prayer meeting).They love to hear a message of the Kingdom and are eager to come and get prayer. The Kingdom is breaking out here.

What is it that makes the Kingdom moments? hunger? expectancy? the quest to seek His face? These I will wrestle with at least for this week until I get back home and start working on creating environments and atmosphere.

Next week we kick off a new series at VCD called 'Jesus the Revolutionary' so here's teaser for week one. "The West is not the center of Christianity. Asia, Africa and Latin America is—with Christianity exploding exponentially."

Brian prayed with a lady we prayed with in August who was deaf but now she can here but wanted prayer to be able to speak. We wait to here her testimony.

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