Monday, 30 March 2009


We have had a novel idea at the Vineyard with our Easter series that we kicked off 3 weeks ago, we have decided to look at Jesus for 6 weeks.
What I find strange here in my small part of the world is that many followers of Jesus give the perception that they revere Paul more than Christ, that if we say anything about Paul it would be close on blasphemy, Paul is often quoted by many more than Jesus Christ

We are looking at Jesus the Revolutionary who is changing assumption's we have grown up with, we have hit the reset button and are searching for Him anew.

Jesus steps on to the world stage with this message "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near" Repent: change the way you think. I think that repentance goes deeper than repent for our sins.

He's asking people to change their thinking because He is bringing a revolution.
It Is Here!
Jesus’ acts of authority and his confrontations with Satan force people to ask ultimate questions: Who is this? What is happening? As we look at Jesus, we find that his every action is a revolt against the system called religion and against the powers of darkness.

There is only one kingdom, undivided, that has come, is coming, and will come. This Kingdom is a Revolutionary Kingdom. When the kingdom draws near everything changes, the presence of the Messianic king, the outpouring of the Spirit, the coming salvation, the forgiveness of sins, the healing of the sick, the resurrection of the dead, eternal joy, the liberation of the captives, the judgement of sin, and the newpeople of God in a new Jerusalem, are all present with every in-breaking of the kingdom.

Have we repented enough to see the Revolutionary Jesus or are we living with false assumptions?

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steven hamilton said...

that's great jason!!

i wonder if we have been led down this path by the theologian and academic populists (those who get published in places like Newsweek magazine or on the BBC) who have consistently now for the last 15 to 20 years exposited that Paul creasted Christianity.

no, Christ is our center!!