Sunday, 31 August 2008

Treasure Hunting

Just finished of two weeks talking on the ultimate treasure hunt and I'm just in the door from doing one. The ultimate treasure hunt is bringing the good news of the Kingdom through supernatural encounters, its about  seeing the God opportunities and divine encounters as part of the normal Christian life and when this happens you and I get to be part of a great discovery that brings a party to earth and heaven.

 The ultimate treasure is the people who are waiting to be discovered. Those who desperately need an encounter with God, to meet their overwhelming needs and have a desire to connect with their creator and Father. They are everywhere, shops, businesses, estates, streets, pubs, clubs, schools and churches. They are everywhere we go and they are Gods ultimate treasure.

Can you not find treasure without clues and a map? of course you can. But wouldn’t you want see what Jesus sees, pray what we prays, say what he says and do everything that he does? I keep coming back to Jn 5:19, Jesus did what he saw the Father doing and just like Jesus don't you want to make it easy for yourself and  depend on the Holy Spirit. Why search the soil on your own for treasure when there is a spiritual metal detector available? Like I said last week this is not personality driven nor is it a special gift for a certain person it’s available to everyone to find the ultimate treasure and get on the great commission.

I don’t know about you, but I go through seasons of discovering God in a new way, I guess that’s what lovers do, you rediscover beauty, a quality. The last few months I’m undone with how good He is all the time. Everything He gives us is good and for the good of others (1 Cor 12 for the common good). The divine clues, the word of knowledge is good for everyone. As we went out today with our maps and written done clues we hadn't everything tied up but we did meet people, told them we were followers of Christ and the guys even got opportunities to pray for people. That's Ok for me!

I'd encourage you to have a go and do a treasure hunt, I'll guarantee you, it will be good but be careful it came become a little addictive. Here's the map that I got from Kevin Dedmon author of The Ultimate Treasure Hunt. Let me know how it goes.



bshawise said...

crazy things happen when you honestly give this a try. when we experimented with this treasure hunt idea on our road trip back in March we saw God show up in very real ways that still have us reeling. very cool, Jason.

ylmurph said...

I'll give you a quarter to toss in a new post. That's American money, so spend it wisely...