Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cornered by the Kingdom

Today is my first day back in the saddle after being off on our family summer holidays. It's all go at the Vineyard, the builders and painters are getting the Storehouse ready, Crash ( is just around the corner and I head out to India in two weeks  with a team from VCD and some friends from Paisley Vineyard.

Just before we took a break we had some healing services on Sunday evenings at the Vineyard, on the back of a Kingdom series called everyone. To be honest we didn't see a lot of big miracles, though on the first night we had someone from our community of faith have their hearing improved and in their words noticed a significant improvement. Through the last four weeks I've been having a constant conversation with God asking Him to let me see the Kingdom come and is it possible I could get out of preaching this message of the Kingdom? I've landed, so I write this blog this evening from a position that I am persuaded and convinced that there is no other message or plan other than to see His Kingdom Come On Earth As It Is In Heaven. The Kingdom has cornered me, I am born again by the Spirit of the living God therefore I cannot live as a follower of Jesus Christ without a hunger to see Heaven come crashing into the lives of people who need His healing. Nor do I have any other choice than to speak and demonstrate His Kingdom even when I think there are no big miracles happening. Cool thing happened though after I was working this all through I got a text from someone from our Church. I asked her to email me her story, so here it is

hey Jason,


ok so here it goes this is my story,


early last year I went to the doctor because I hadn't been feelin to well - getting dizzy and feeling faint sometimes. She did an ECG and it revealed I had a heart murmour. Anyway I had to go to a few more appointments and doctors kept sayin it wasnt anything to worry about so I cancelled the appointment to get a heart echo done.


Then this year I started having palputations every now and again and sorta thought I should mention it to my GP. She made me another appointment to get the heart echo done and told me off a bit for not going in the first place.


I had the heart echo done on tuesday 3rd June and it revealed I had a hole in between the top two chambers of my heart called an ASD. The consultant told me that they would get me in for another procedure called a TOE (transoesophageal echocardiogram- put a camera down your throat and take pictures of your heart from the inside) which could tell them how big the hole was in order to find out if they would need to close it.


On sunday 8th June I went to the healing service in church. While we were worshipping, you (Jason) asked people to put their own hands on what ever part of their body needed healing and you prayed over us all. So I put my hand on my chest over my heart and prayed as well.


The next week, I got a phonecall from craigavon area hopspital to tell me they had an appointment available to get the TOE done on Wed 25th June.

So I went and got it done. When I came round from the sedative a couple of hours later the consultant came into speak to me and told me that there was NO hole!! and everything was normal!! I was still a bit drowsy so just said ok and never asked anything else! like why was there no hole?


My discharge letter says "small pfo with no flow = (which is a tiny hole I had when I was born that closed up), NO ASD and essentially normal"


pretty cool eh?



Crashing forward



Joe said...

I'm starting to embrace that all we can really "preach" (proclaim/announce) is the Kingdom come with Christ. Maybe there are other things to teach (instruct) those who have accepted the Kingdom already...maybe or maybe it's all under the Kingdom flag.

At any rate...I babble. Not sure what video you want, but you can email Brad Wise at anytime for any resourece you ever need. His email is on our site...

Peggy said...

Hello Jason!

You don't know me yet, but you soon will. I am so very blessed to be a part of the team from VCC here in Cincinnati, OH (USA) that is coming your way in August to serve during Crash'08!

Thanks so much for giving us this priviledge.


John 1:16 "From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."