Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A return to the authentic

Here at the Vineyard we continue with our series called 'everyone' which is essential a conversation about the Kingdom of God. What caught my heart and imagination at Vineyard was the teaching of the Kingdom, Jesus central message. I couldn't articulate before coming into contact with Vineyard, I had ideas, I bounced about with it, but really I was clueless and therefor somewhat powerless.

The normal Christian life is a life of power, that's the Kingdom (God's rule and reign). Miracles, signs and wonders are to be part of our normal, orthodox living. If you are born of the Spirit, then deep in your core, in the soul of every follower of Christ is a hunger to see the Kingdom Come. If you and I are to live the normal Christian life then we must go beyond the Christian life we have always known. We need to renew our mind so that we line our life up with Gods reality, God’s normal, God’s Kingdom; His rule and reign, heaven invading the earth.

Maybe, like me before I caught what the Kingdom of God was about , you have been robbed of the reality of the Kingdom, through teaching or lack of experience but all over the world people today are hungry to experience the normal Christian life.

Isaiah 7:9 says; Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. The later we enter this world the more we see because God’s Kingdom will not fade away but increase. I meet people both followers of Christ and those outside the Kingdom who say to me; "imagine bringing a child into this world, who would want to bring a child into this dark world with all its problems?". I’m thinking, man they will get to see more than I will because the rule and power of God isn't letting up, it's on the increase. Right now I'm seeing things I thought I’d never see, only read about, deaf hears opening, blind eyes seeing, the lame walking and many other God happenings but there is more so much more and I want to see it here in Dungannon, N.Ireland.

Let me ask this "are you spiritual agitated with the lack of supernatural signs and wonders that you are currently seeing and experiencing?

If so, great and the reason why it's great is this, you and I have been born again to see the Kingdom. Let it drive you to seek first the Kingdom of God.

His Kingdom come, His will be done.

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bshawise said...

Jason, we're getting ready to start a series called "The Kingdom Cliffs Notes." It's all about how the Lord's prayer is essentially a summary of the Kingdom. Do high school students in Ireland use Cliffs Notes? They summarize entire books in a few pages. They saved my life (grades) back in the day. We're hoping this next series will do the same for our people.