Monday, 7 April 2008

Legacy - Devotional begins

This is an email from someone in our community of faith - Enjoy!

Yesterday our church launched a campaign called ’Leaving a Legacy’. This campaign is about turning a space into The Storehouse--a place for kids of all ages to come and feel welcomed, a place for single and married mothers to bring their kids and allow them a chance to breathe, a place where foreign nationals can come for free language classes and a place where people can access food/housing resources for free.

This dream is big and scary in human eyes, but what does the Bible say? With God, all things are possible. And that is what we’re banking on, that God will make this possible through the lives of people who attend our church, people who haven’t yet stepped through the door and through the resources of those we expect and those we don’t expect to help source this.

I’m personally so excited to be a part of this because for the past few years God has really been opening my eyes to see that this is what the church is about--to love God and love mankind. And in order to love all people we must first serve them because that’s the way that Christ showed us His love, He served us to the point of death on the Cross. Now I don’t think that He’s asking us all to put ourselves on a physical Cross but I do believe He’s asking us to sacrifice things in our own life, in our own finances and in our own comforts to show people just how much He loves them through us.

With this campaign we are starting a month long devotional as a church and it’s such a fantastic idea! We will all be reading the same devo, same verse and praying the same things for each day and week of this month. Unity amongst the body of Christ, even on such a small scale as our one church is what Christ desires. As I read the devo for today there was one part that really struck me: ’become human (be totally involved with humanity)’. That’s exactly what Christ did. He became totally involved with humanity when He took on the bodily form of Jesus. He knows what we are like, He knows we’re selfish and incapable of doing a whole lot on our own. So that’s why He came and showed us how to rely on our Father in heaven. So today I’m choosing to rely on you God. Rely on you for enough faith to see this thing through, enough faith to believe that you will meet me and our church at the point of our greatest need.

And if anyone reads this blog, please pray that God would walk with us closely through this process. I hope each of you has the opportunity to take part in something that is actually fleshing out the Gospel and serving the widows, orphans and strangers. We are so privileged that God has entrusted such a dream as this to our church, our town and our futures. Thank you for this opportunity God!

Breanna Chud - VCD


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm praying for you guys. I think I know the space you're talking about, too! (Hi Breanna!)
Jennifer King

Joe said...


Just an official e-introduction. I've heard so much about you from Dave and Sean. I was hoping to come out and see you guys this summer with the gang from vcc, but it's not looking likely at this point.

It's great for us to have your church as a partner across the pond...

Here's to legacy.