Sunday, 25 November 2007

Gathering as the Church

Today we had the privilege of having Eleanor Mumford speak at the Vineyard. What an amazing lady, she and her husband John are Senior Pastors of SW London Vineyard ( and on top of that they are the national directors of Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland. What impresses me about Eleanor is her passion for Christ, The Kingdom and the Church.

Embrace our women’s ministry had a one day conference (Choose Love)yesterday which is why Ele was over. I sneaked in at the end of the last session last night, under the excuse of taking some people home. The Spirit of God broke out and the Father revealed his heart for lots of His girls. I love the fact that everything changes when He comes, the broken hearted are mended, the lonely embraced, the sick are healed and grace is generously poured over those who will humbly receive it.

Today’s message was about worship and I was reminded again of just how good it is to gather as the Church and worship with my family called Vineyard. As Ele said “I can’t imagine doing anything else on a Sunday than coming together as the Church”.

Everything changes when He comes.

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Anonymous said...

ah, that sounds great, jason. wish i could've been there!!!!
jennifer king