Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Just Show Up!

I grew up in Church were we would take the city in prayer meeting, they were great nights but to be honest I didn't see much change in our community or the city. It's not that I doubt the power of prayer for God to move but I'm convinced He moves through people; His church.

I wouldn't live my life by Woody Allen but I do agree with his observation on life when he said "eighty percent of success is showing up. " If we want to take the city and talk about revival then before we try to take the world, lets take ourselves to the secret place then to our communities.

About a year ago I went to a home of a family who’s teenage son was diagnosed with cancer, a lady from our small group came with me to give them some groceries, the family weren’t in any financial need we just wanted to bless them and say we care. Before we left I asked the lady with me to pray for the mum, on the spot what could she do but pray; I call that discipleship. I left that home thinking about my boys and how would I cope with this.

Last Christmas eve we did our traditional food hamper giveaway and after each family gave out their food hamper we had some spare. So some people got to give away two hampers. One lady was a dilemma as she had a family Christmas gathering that night but so wanted to give out another hamper, she felt the God nudge and went with the hamper, she grabbed the address, got her kids and hamper into the car and headed off. Soon she was at a familiar place, with a dog barking and kids in the car she sat for a moment wondering how to get the hamper to the house.

She got out of the car and headed towards the house when she was met by the mum who had now lost her boy through cancer. The mum instantly recognized the lady, threw her arms around her and said you came with food before and prayed for me. The Kingdom of God came to this hurting family in the form of an available lady and a box of food and a reminder that God had not forgotten them.


WARRIORK said...

A friend and I had been fellowshipping and the topic that kept coming up was that prayer was the number 1 key thing to do, but God gives instruction and we must follow them. So many people are attempting to dictate to God through prayer, but never waiting for instruction and surely not SHOWING UP...I liked this post!

Tiina (Lankoja tuhoamassa) said...

This story really touched me. Amazing.