Thursday, 23 July 2009

Happiness is an attitude

I'm just back at to work this week from a fantastic two week break at the North Coast of N.Ireland, thanks to the generosity of friends who let us use their holiday home. When we arrived at our destination we discovered that our bike rack pulled our boot (trunk) off line, which caused the car battery to go and then the alternator went; £300 and 5 days later we had our car back. Given my Pentecostal roots it was time to blame the devil and see this as an attack from the enemy. Michelle became a Calvinist saying “God was in it and working through it”

Happiness is an attitude and a choice, the reality was we where staying in one of the most beautiful parts in the world, the sun shone even though the forecast predicted rain, we had great friends who gave us their car and we reconnected with friends that we hadn’t seen for a while.

In two weeks, friendships, family and creation cried out God is BIG and He is GOOD all the time. Happiness isn’t so much about what happens, it’s more about a life well lived and as followers of Christ we are called to a life that is filled with opportunity and joy.

“Joy is a rare thing, you don’t find it everywhere it’s different thing from happiness” Bono

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