Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Breakaway Recap

Last week we hit the pause button. We had done six weeks on a series called 'Breakaway'. Looking at issues that cause us to run away, give more of our life way to find out we are more confused and trapped than ever before. We talked about porn. credit crunch, offense, religion and fear. Asking the question is there a way to breakaway without running away and so we faced these issues with courage and honesty, many finding freedom and better still transformation.

I often feel like we have become sermon junkies, one series runs into another, another theme, sound bite, then if you are greedy or crazy for more, we have podcast. Sunday was the first time at VCD that we stopped to recap, celebrate, breathe in and acknowledge what God has been doing with us through these recent conversations. I once heard Wimber say that he was still trying to live out a sermon he had heard many years ago. I wonder is too much information an unhealthy thing for us? Could information overload see many of us trapped in the world wide web?

Breathe out - Breathe in = stay alive



Anonymous said...

i absolutly agree , to much information can fry your head, who started the culture of sermons every sunday anyway? thing about food is it only serves its purpose if its digested.

macleod said...

i agree too. it is not easy to change a lot of different areas at the same time. i know sometimes i am in a rush to move on to the next thing but i was never any good at multi tasking so i end up going nowhere fast. am definitely up for just breathing at times!