Sunday, 4 March 2007

I'm Desperate

This morning felt good getting it all out there. We began a conversation called 'Spiritual Activism' aka prayer. I made a few big statements.

1. "I'm done with prayer" I'm done with the end goal being pray, getting caught up in ticking the box, putting in the time and going the distance. I'm desperate however to connect to the living God through prayer.

2. "I'm done with doin Church". I can't live without seeing God come and bring life change. I'm desperate for people to come into our community of faith and relationally connect with God, I'm desperate for the young people who show up at the Vineyard on a Friday night to know God in a real relationship and experience the Kingdom not religion.

1 Kings 18:36 At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed:

Desperation calls for us to step up in the time of sacrifice and pray knowing God hears, listens and answers.

Are you desperate?


Anonymous said...

Sunday morning was the most I have felt the presence of God (as i understand it) in church for a long time. Was sorry it stopped wen it did. I cud relate with the being done with prayer and done doing church stuff. No point in just me just ticking boxes - no point or intimacy in that. My prayer for intimacy for a while now has been mostly this... 'Help!' I have been getting loads of answers. Thanks for Sunday - keep putting it all out there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason, i too loved sunday mornings conversation. When listening to it i really felt that God wanted to share with us all that he has so much to say to us!!! I've generally, wrongly, been off the opinion that God only speaks to us in little bits and peices every once in a 'blue moon'!! But as you said on sunday, we need to get out there and take that first step of obedience to get tuned in and hear His voice continually!!!
Thanks again, looking forward to sunday's convo already!!!