Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Hi everyone, it's a very humid Wednesday evening here in Lucknow. Yesterday we went out to a village again to worship and pray with our Dalit brothers and sisters. Brian Cummings did a great job speaking on their story of Ruth, which really connected with the people. Again as always we had a great welcome from the village. The Pastor has been a follower of Christ now for two years, he's 22 and winning many to Christ in his village. We prayed for the sick, HIV, cancer, pains, all got touched by the mercy of God. We embrace many and cried together as the Spirit of God pour out compassion.


Another very hot day but we got the opportunity to go visit and teach in a Dalit school. There were a couple of hundred children at the school, mainly Primary age. The children were all sitting out in the blistering sun waiting for us, gave us garlands and threw flowers over us! They are such generous and loving people, so happy to have visitors from the 'west'. They'd rehearsed lots of different 'programmes', mainly Bollywood dancing...boys in cool shades! Very funny. Plenty of signing and reciting of poetry.

May Walker addressed the children during assembly and Rhonda and Leigh taught the kids about the UK culture.We then had the opportunity to pray for two young girls with polio. Also we prayed with the teachers that God would continue to use them in their work and that He would encourage them.
I went into McDonalds tonight excited and asked for my usual Big Mac meal, no Big Mac's on the menu; Holy Cow!

Loudest love!
Vineyard in India

We had a full team today, amazing! Though we have lost Alan again due to bad tummy.

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