Monday, 3 September 2007


Yesterday we had our baptism service; I love them!

Baptism is central and sacred to us at Vineyard. There is nothing spiritual about the water but there is something sacred about being baptised. There is a process that is important, when you enter a relationship with God some amazing stuff happens on the inside. When we make a commitment with our lives to Jesus Christ there is a transformation that takes place, it might not be seen immediately, but it happens; it’s a heart deal. Your heart changes, you really are a new creation. When you are baptized, as you go beneath the water, it pictures your old life being gone, and when you’re raised out of the water, it's a picture of your new life. The change inside of us often struggles to make its way out.

Baptism is saying I’m willing to be identified with God and it’s also saying that God is willing to be identified with us. Wow!
I remember the day I got married to Chelle with a ring on my finger she said "I’m yours" I put the ring on Chelle’s finger and she allowed me to call her my wife. That was the greatest moment in my life in terms of human relationship.

When relationship is the product of love you want to be identified to each other. You want to be identified and connected. Here’s where I don’t get it, how can we meet God in His love and have any hesitation in wanting to be identified with Him by stepping into that water grave?

I'm looking foward to our next baptism service. If you would like to take this sacred pathway and be baptised, give us a call at the office, 028 8775 2133.

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