Thursday, 14 June 2007


We kicked off a new series at the Vineyard on Sunday called Mercy Me. I've been holding off on talking about mercy and its connection with the poor for a long time.

We often want to ask questions from God even though we know the answer, I used to ask the ridiculous question and search for Gods heart for the poor. The laugh is God is more keen to ask me "where is my heart for the poor, where do we as a community stand on the issues of oppression and injustice?" maybe that's why Ive been putting it off.

This series will be one where we stop asking the questions and allow God to come and expose our hearts for those that He leans into. I'm keeping this week brief but let me leave you with a thought that I heard one of my hero's of the faith say (Dave Workman); 'maybe we need the poor more than they need us'. Isn’t that an interesting thought?

Oh and the picture this week if your wondering is the Japanese Kanji character COMPASSION

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