Thursday, 29 March 2007

Form or View?

Sunday past we concluded our conversation called 'Spiritual Activism' taking a look at prayer. I used the text from Luke 11: 5-8 and I was close to getting this all wrong. My thoughts on this text was that God was the grumpy neighbour and if we bang on the door long enough and loud enough then he will finally give in and listen; here ends the lesson.

Then the light went on; prayer is not only getting a proper form for our prayer, but that we get a proper view of God. Jesus takes us back to the fundamentals. Who are you speaking to when you pray? There is nothing more important regarding your prayers than you get clear about who you are talking to. Jesus, in this story, is trying to draw a contrast between what God is like and what the sleepy neighbor was like. He is not saying God is like a sleepy neighbor. In teaching the disciples to pray, he is communicating that God is unlike a sleepy neighbor.

Who are you speaking to when you pray?

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ian irwin smyth said...

Hi jason

happened across your blog there - good thoughts and interesting insights - keep it going!

hope all are well in dungannon.